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Revealing the secrets of online teaching

Teaching Methodology

Revealing the secrets of online teaching

When discussing gamification and game-based learning, there is often some confusion about how they differ. Many people use the terms interchangeably but they are not the same. However, they are often linked together, so it is not always easy to separate them.

Game-based learning and game manipulation have been around for a number of years at the primary and secondary level. Recently, it has been making its way into higher education as it offers a number of benefits to students.

What is game-based learning?

Uses game-based learning or GBL game as part of the learning process. Some examples of GBL could be using Monopoly to teach the basics of money management or playing scrabble to help improve vocabulary skills. However, when people today talk about game-based learning, they are usually referring to digital game-based learning. Game-based learning teaches through repetition and failure and achieving goals and is basically how players become good at video games.

What is gamification?

In educational games, game-like elements are introduced into the learning environment to help motivate students and make the process more engaging. This is achieved by taking some of the elements that make games fun and motivating people to keep playing and using these elements in a learning situation. Some examples from the games include:

  • The points / badges: The use of points and badges provides tangible evidence of achievement
  • The immediate feedback: quick response to the actions taken instead of waiting for the evaluation of the paper.
  • Levels / Tasks: providing the tasks and goals to be achieved
  • Level: Statement of achievement and opening of new missions, badges and activities
  • Cooperation / teamwork: achieving the goal of working with others

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